Ron Mancuso talks about the history of  Beggars & Thieves, the meaning of their new videoclip “Innocence” and of the present and future.







        We are featured on the CD compilation “15 years later” with a previously never released new track!
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Our album “We Are The Brokenhearted” entered # 12 for album of the year and we got the award for BEST PROMOTIONAL VIDEO! So amazing!

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We are very happy to announce that we hit #1 for SONG OF THE YEAR 2011 in the MelRock Awards on !

 We are very happy to share with you that AOL / Noisecreep in the USA and iM1 TV in Germany, will have exclusive premieres of our new videoclip for the Song “Innocence” (
The video will be exclusively previewed on friday, June 8 via iM1 TV Germany at 11PM Central European Time and via AOL / Noisecreep USA at 6PM Eastern Daylight Time.
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“We have all been talking favorably for years now about Frontiers Records and their ability to revitalize the career of musicians that we all ask “whatever happened to?” Winger, Keel, Yes, the list goes on and on, but this latest clip were going to show you below might be the greatest find yet…” Read on

  “I have to admit that Beggars & Thieves is a band that I forgot about several years ago.  I had their 1990 debut    on cassette, and never got around to replacing it…” Read the review on

“The history of Beggars & Thieves goes back to the late Eighties, when formed by vocalist Louie Merlino and guitarist Ronnie Mancuso in New York City. Their self-titled debut was released in 1989 to good reviews…” Read the review on